Yearning for the arts

News24 | Tiyese Jeranji:

Wynberg residents are pleading for help to establish a recreation centre in their area. For over two decades, following the relocation of the Battswood Art Centre there has been no recreational hub in the area, residents say. They believe a reacreation centre is vital in bringing the community together, and creating a sense of belonging while nurturing young talent. Cindy Sasman, a fourth generation Wynberg resident, still remembers growing up in Wynberg and walking to art classes after school at the Battswood Art Centre – the smell of the pastels and paint, the feeling of never being alone and that there was always something to do at the centre… Read more

Image: The Battswood Art Centre in Wynberg at the time was a favourate spot for many because of the vast activities that were happening there. The centre was moved about 20 years ago to another area and residents say they want another one like it to fill the void that was left by this centre