London Gallerists Finding Room for Art Where You’d Least Expect

ARTSY | Laura Purseglove:

“It only lasted 10 days; we had to run generators off the roof, and it was incredibly cold,” says the young curator Alex Meurice, who works under the moniker Slate Projects. He’s describing the revelatory project, staged in an abandoned villa opposite the Victoria and Albert Museum, through which he uncovered the untapped potential for showing art in West London’s empty mansions. “There were lots of problems, but we had a very positive response.” Unable to afford even the small, short-term warehouse spaces in the once-affordable East London, it was a galvanizing moment for Meurice when he realized that much larger, grander properties might be available further west, and so he began an active search… Read more

Image: Installation view of works by Marco Strappato, Jonathan Baldock, and Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine at the Averard Hotel, london. Photo courtesy of Slate Projects