Artnet: Sarah Cascone

Notorious internet artist and trickster Zardulu is stepping out of the shadows this fall, with her first-ever gallery show. A mysterious figure who exists on the fringes of the web, Zardulu and her love for modern myth and legend have birthed an unknown number of news-of-the-weird stories, for which she never almost never takes credit. The depth of her practice will finally be revealed this fall when TRANSFER gallery hosts “Triconis Aeternis: Rites and Mysteries,” an exhibition of the artist’s work in a series of storefronts on New York’s Canal Street.

“I’ve fabricated around a half dozen viral stories his year on various platforms,” the artist told artnet News on Facebook. “Some of them trended higher than the president.” …Read More

Pictured: Kriophorus, epithet of Zardulu the Mythmaker. Photo courtesy of the artist and TRANSFER.