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Johannesburg – First it was President Jacob Zuma and his exposed genitals, now you can get ready for an ANC logo on top of a man lying on his stomach, his pants pulled down and his backside exposed. Artist Ayanda Mabulu is unrepentant and remains determined to shock.

Mabulu holds a toy AK47 rifle he uses when he paints many of his works such as The Pornography of Power. *The photo has partially been blurred. Picture: Paballo Thekiso. Saturday Star

Three weeks ago he sparked a row with his depiction of Zuma and his penis in his work, The Pornography of Power. He provoked one of the president’s sons, Edward, into launching a spirited defence of his dad, even getting the often-moribund ANC Women’s League vowing to march on the Union Buildings and unleashing a war on social media…


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